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Frequently Asked Questions
Dowloads und Anleitungen

  • What is new?
    The EverClear 2 retains the same functionality from the EV1 while improving slightly on all aspects: - New Batteries which will make your EverClear turn longer and will hold up better if you leave them unused for a while (lower self-discharge rate - always charge up your batteries before storing them). Be careful, the EV1 batteries are not compatible with the new EverClear 2. - The new rapid-eject design allows you: - easily remove the rotor without tools for cleaning and maintenance - exchange mirrors with a simple tool or event without and at the same time avoid mechanical shocks to the bearings - lubricate using standard handpiece lubricant - The new EverClear 2 design enables perfect hygiene reconditioning in a thermal disinfector. Also steam sterilizing (at 134°C) is possible. - EverClear 2 Batteries can now be charged using either a small USB-charging-adapter or an optional USB stainless-steel charging station. This way you can even charge batteries on-the-go.
  • Maintenance and Hygiene
    Before any kind of desinfection please remove the batteries. You may wipe the batteries and your EverClear 2 with alcool based wet-wipe (avoid agressive surface desinfectants, especially containing bleach or chlorine as these can attack the stainless-steel). Avoid spraying or putting excessive moisture in openings like the contacts for the battery. First use the rapid-ejection system to eject your rotor. Remove the mirror and wipe down all parts with a wet towel using pure alcool (isopropanol). Lubricate the rotor with a short splash of standard dental handpiece lubricant using the enclosed spray-bottle-adapter and wipe of any excess. Mount everything back in the handpiece. With the battery removed you may now place your EverClear 2 in a thermal disinfector or a steam sterilizer (at 134°C).
  • I have a question which is not listed in the FAQ.
    Don't hesitate to send us your question via mail to our adress We will try to answer you as soon as possible and will add your question to this FAQ. Thank you in advance for helping us and the community.
  • Maintenance of your EverClear 1 Device
    Please refer to the instruction manual of your EverClear 1 device, which you can also dowload on this page.
  • I own an EverClear 1 Device/Accessories. Are they compatible with the new EverClear 2?
    First of all thank you for being a loyal long-time owner of an EverClear. Due to the technologic changes you can only use the double-sided exchangeable mirrors with both devices. Also please be careful to only use EV1 accessories with the EV1 and EV2 accessories with EV2, otherwise you will void your warranty. Especially take care to only use EV1 batteries with the EV1 charger and EV2 batteries with the EV2 charger! You can still get EV1 accessories from us via mail or our webshop.

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