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I-DENT SA includes a multinational team of experts in the dental field — engineering, dentistry, and sales. As our full company name states, the goal at I-DENT is to provide Innovations for Dentistry, going one step beyond mere improvements to existing products.

I-DENT was founded in 2004 by the inventors of our first product, the self-cleaning EverClear™. This is a direct result of our founding philosophy of innovation. The problem of deteriorating vision in dental mirrors is not new, and other approaches have been tried. But EverClear™, the new companion to the dentist's operative instruments, is the first dynamic tool to eliminate this problem entirely. I-DENT found this unique solution through the application of Swiss high-tech in micro-technology.

Our I-DENT team continues to strive to bring advantages to other areas of dentistry in the future. As an OEM manufacturer we already have a already a portfolio of several innovative products on the market which we strive to improve in cooperation with our partners.

Our home — Switzerland, in the heart of Europe — is already well known for technological creativity and advances in precision dental instrumentation. These two areas — creativity and precision — are our objectives. We expect you, our valued customers, to judge us by such standards.

I-Dent SA
Rte. De Champ-Colin 20
1260 Nyon

+41 (0) 22 525 31 80


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