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Private Label Manufacturer

As an established private label manufacturer of dental and medical devices, I-Dent offers swiss quality, innovative ideas, micro-mechanical know-how and ISO certified production capacities in order to follow your project form the first idea to market

Increasing your R&D effort and capacity for new product development, I-DENT provides private label manufacturing services that combine innovation with Swiss quality, precision and performance. I-DENT is already a preferred provider of engineering services as well as manufacturing for private label equipment in the medical device industry. 

At I-DENT, innovation and Swiss quality is delivered from an international team with a tradition of engineering excellence. Beginning with the 1st titanium dental handpiece, this tradition developed new treatment value for medical devices with a variety of technologis such as: light emission and optical engineering, lltrasonics, jet-stream, schock wave, lithotripsy and micro-motors.

Enhancing our partners‘ capacity for R&D and manufacturing, I-DENT clients can expect accelerated achievement of market objectives resulting from critical services for success:

  • 40 years of medical device experience

  • product development and manufacturing capability

  • a history of innovative achievements in new production methods as-well as patented product performance

  • reliable, european approach to R&D processes and project management

  • exceptional engineering solutions with numerous technologies

  • regulatory support via systems compliant with FDA requirements as-well as European-Union legislation and regulations including the Medical Devices Directive (MDR)

  • Quality Management Systems according to ISO 13485 



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