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The New EverClear

The always-clear-vision dental mirror: EverClear from I-Dent just got better. Longer battery life, easier maintenance and longer lifespan. All that at a lower pricepoint.

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Normal mirror

2 MIRRORS_edited.jpg

I-Dent EverClear

IDS2023 is over. See you again in 2025

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Swiss High-Tech for your Benefit

Swiss engineering at its best. High quality components, precise production and minute assembly of the components make for a smooth image and forever clear image.


Exchangeable, durable

double-sided mirrors

All new Rotor with easy ejection System and resistant ball-bearings

High-Power Lithium Batteries

All Stainless-Steel Ergonomic Design

Thermal Disinfection Resistant

Integrated high-speed micro-motor


The Benefits are EverClear

The High-Speed Rotation of the mirror surface ejects water, saliva and debris. Your vision remains EverClear during any procedure

Lithium Batteries deliver long-lasting performance and let you enjoy the clear vision for more than an hour at a time.

The double-sided mirrors deliver a crisp image longer than a traditional mirror. The high-speed rotation makes small scratches invisble.

Maintenance of your EverClear was never so easy:

  • use the new quick ejection system to access and clean your rotor

  • use the provided adapter to lubricate your rotor with standard handpiece lubricant

High-quality, bigger and more robust ball-bearings will allow you to enjoy your EverClear Vision even longer

Use the USB charger or optional charging station to always keep a spare battery charged and ready

Easy use, easy maintenance, easy hygiene: you can put your EverClear in your thermal disinfector device or autoclave (after removing your battery)

Normal mirror


Vision after 3 seconds

Vision after 6 seconds and more

Engineering Plans

See clear even longer

The new EverClear 2 comes with new high-power batteries. Together with the new rotor-design and ball-bearings your EverClear 2 will run even longer on a single charge.


Up to 50% more running time of your EverClear

Quick-Charge your batteries. Your second battery will be charged up before your first runs out

Always have a second battery ready to go. Exchange your batteries in a matter of seconds.

* theroretical values. Running times may vary depending on usage.

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