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The new EverClear

The new EverClear 2 is the successor of the revolutionary original EverClear mirror. While providing all the features of the original EverClear mirror it provides several improvements regarding battery life, maintenance and durability. Discover it in detail below.

The EverClear 2 mirror is a high-speed rotating dental mirror which provides continous unobstructed and clear vision for high precision dental procedures. Water droplets and debris are ejected thanks to the high speed rotation of the mirror and even fogging is reduced thanks to the airflow.

2 MIRRORS_edited.jpg

Normal mirror

2 MIRRORS_edited.jpg

I-Dent EverClear

The EverClear 2 mirror eliminates the need for interruptions during the procedure and allows you to continously focus and see what really matters.

Experience an ever clear vision with the new EverClear 2.


Swiss High-Tech for your Benefit

Swiss engineering at its best. High quality components, precise production and minute assembly of the components make for a smooth image and forever clear image.


Exchangeable, durable

double-sided mirrors

All new Rotor with easy ejection System and resistant ball-bearings

High-Power Lithium Batteries

All Stainless-Steel Ergonomic Design

Thermal Disinfection Resistant

Integrated high-speed micro-motor

The Benefits are EverClear

The High-Speed Rotation of the mirror surface ejects water, saliva and debris. Your vision remains EverClear during any procedure

Lithium Batteries deliver long-lasting performance and let you enjoy the clear vision for more than an hour at a time.

The double-sided mirrors deliver a crisp image longer than a traditional mirror. The high-speed rotation makes small scratches invisble.

Maintenance of your EverClear was never so easy:

  • use the new quick ejection system to access and clean your rotor

  • use the provided adapter to lubricate your rotor with standard handpiece lubricant spray bottles

High-quality, bigger and more robust ball-bearings will allow you to enjoy your EverClear Vision even longer

Use the USB charger or optional charging station to always keep a spare battery charged and ready

Easy use, easy maintenance, easy hygiene: you can put your EverClear in your thermal disinfector device or autoclave (after removing your battery)

Normal mirror


Vision after 3 seconds

Vision after 6 seconds and more


See clear even longer

The new EverClear 2 comes with new high-power batteries. Together with the new rotor-design and ball-bearings your EverClear 2 will run even longer on a single charge.


Up to 50% more running time of your EverClear

Quick-Charge your batteries. Your second battery will be charged up before your first runs out

Always have a second battery ready to go. Exchange your batteries in a matter of seconds.

* theroretical values. Running times may vary depending on usage.

Instructions and Videos


For instructions and other documents please see our IFU section.


To help you get started, please see below videos of the key operations needed for regular maintenance.

Inserting the rotor in the Instrument

Removing the mirror from the rotor

Removing the rotor from the Instrument

Preparing your Lubrification Spray

Lubricating the rotor

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